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GAIT Analysis and Lower Extremity Assessment workshop

Gait Analysis and Lower Extremity Assessment workshop (25. -26. mai, 09:00-17:00)

This gait analysis course is meant to be a foundation for understanding functional biomechanics and anatomy of the lower extremity. Both ideal motion and dysfunctional motion will be discussed and demonstrated. The goal of a proper movement screening approach is to identify the root cause of a patient’s problem, rather than only treating the site of pain, which of course is a key component to any acupuncturist’s practice. When one can identify the location of dysfunction and get to the source of the problem, one can be more efficient in treatment. Treatment strategies will be discussed, and include a patient education component in order to assist with improved compliance with home exercise or rehab approach. Correlation of gait dysfunctions with concepts of channel systems and acupuncture points will be discussed.

Movement assessments for the lower extremity, including: gait analysis, squat analysis. Palpation and assessment of the hip, knee, and foot. Discussion of rehab options for each area. Assessment of anatomy and symptoms of peripheral nerve entrapments of the lower extremity. 

This course is will continue Dr. Ippolito´s last course (Diagnosis of Spin Related disorders). If you did not attend this course you can still complete the course. The course can be completed in the series of other courses by Dr. Ippolito or as a single course.

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